(Im)mobility and borders

The latest session of the Political Geography Reading Group was held on the 3rd of May focused on (im)mobility and borders. We read Nivi Manchanda and Sharri Plonski’s ‘Between mobile corridors and immobilizing borders: race, fixity and friction in Palestine/Israel‘ and David Bissell and Gillian Fuller’s ‘Stillness unbound‘ from Stillness in a mobile world.

The readings sparked a very interesting conversation that crossed a range of topics including the politics of infrastructure and technology, the figure of the passenger and ‘container agency’.

On the question of agency, several relevant texts were mentioned including Theresa Enright’s ‘Commotion‘ and Charmain Chua’s ‘Logistics, Capitalist Circulation and Chokepoints‘.

We added Louise Amoore’s ‘The Deep Border‘ to the ‘to read list’.

The next session of will be focused on topologies of power and will be held on June 7 at 12-1 AEST. We will be reading:

1.     John Allen (2016) ‘Power’s shifting reach’ Chapter 3 in Topologies of Power: Beyond territory and networks.

2.     Doreen Massery (2005) ‘Making and contesting space-time’ Chapter 15 in For space.

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